Thursday, January 7, 2010

Archbishop Listecki

Trade secret for a priest in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee: since Monday it's been easier to pray the Eucharistic Prayer. Before then, after praying for Pope Benedict, we had a tongue-twister. We prayed for "Jerome our Archbishop Designate and William our Apostolic Administrator." Or was it supposed to be "our Archdiocesan Administrator?" At any rate, now we can simply and happily say "our Bishop Jerome." On Monday Most Reverend Jerome Listecki, the first Archbishop of Polish descent in Milwaukee, was installed.

I was able to listen to the homily as I watched the installation on television and a couple of lines really impressed me. Archbishop Listecki said:

"Adherence to the Church’s teaching is not always easy. However, one must sacrifice for the truth. In this sacrifice we demonstrate our love. It is interesting to note that John Paul II was applauded by the Western societies when he critiqued the godless communism of the east for their lack of individual rights and freedoms, yet those very same western societies turned a deaf ear to his warnings of the destructiveness of radical individualism, consumerism, materialism and relativism.

"Given our situation today perhaps we should have paid more attention. The truth is at times difficult but the Church does not follow the Lord’s request to tend his sheep if it fails to teach the truth with love."

These words resonate with me and make me eager to hear more.

One other interesting note: the newscast I watched had a line that appeared on the screen throughout their coverage. It was "New Shepherd for Milwaukee." I was surprised that they didn't say "New Shepherd for Milwaukee Catholics." The universal message that the television station chose is actually more accurate and I was happy to see it. Archbishop Jerome Listecki, following in the path of the Good Shepherd Himself, and those whom He appointed to "tend His sheep," is a Shepherd--a Guide and Defender--of all the people of southeastern Wisconsin.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I think we have been greatly blessed with Archbishop Listecki. And, I am greatly blessed with this blog! It is so refreshing to read local postings in the blogosphere!