Sunday, January 16, 2011

Unborn Jesus Our Hope

Several years ago George Peate sent me the manuscript for a book that he was about to publish with Life Cycle Books. He asked me to look it over and write a review that could be used in the advertising that appears on book covers and jackets. After reading his book I was happy to help. The book is entitled "Unborn Jesus Our Hope" and it is a wonderfully diverse and ecumenical reflection on the first nine months of Jesus' life. The full review can be found on his web site for the Unborn Word Alliance. George and his wife Michele also have a blog called "Unborn Word of the Day" in which they offer insightful commentary, inspiring spiritual reflections, and great art.

I met George and Michele on a trip to California some years back. They told me that on one of the annual March for Life events, the Archdiocese of New York had purchased cards with their "Litany of the Unborn Christ Child" so that everyone going to the March would be able to pray with this devotion to the Christ Child in the womb of Mary. I thought of this when I was preparing for yesterday's Mass and march sponsored by Pro-Life Wisconsin and I decided to take along my copy of the Litany to pray in front of the abortion mill.

As we prepare for the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision known as "Roe v. Wade", I think it would be a good idea to download this Litany for our prayer. I also highly recommend getting George's book and cards with the Litany and other materials, all available on his web site.

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