Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Louis Parish Mission

Actually the parish where I'm giving a mission this week is in Affton, Missouri, right next door to St. Louis. The parish is St. Dominic Savio and it must have been one of the first churches named for this young saint who died on March 9, 1857, less than a month shy of his fifteenth birthday. Pope Pius XII canonized him in 1954 and this parish was established two years later. In the back of the church, above the baptismal font and paschal candle, there is a statue of St. Dominic who, from that perspective, watches over the worshippers and joins them, as all the saints do at Mass, in our perfect act of worship--the Eucharist.

The mission I am giving is entitled "Come Walk With Jesus ... and Live Out Your Baptismal Calling." I preached at all the Masses this weekend and last night (Sunday) we began the mission with Mass and a full church. Here are the topics for the coming nights:

Monday night: "Come to the Water: The Transforming Power of Baptism."

Tuesday night: "Behold the Lamb: Our Baptismal Call to be Prophets"

Wednesday night: "In the Breaking of the Bread: Our Baptismal Call to Share in Jesus' Priesthood."

Thursday night: "Prepare the Way of the Lord: Our Baptismal Call to be a Royal People."

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