Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Lady of the Cenacle

Last Sunday, after the retreat for deacon candidates of the Tulsa Diocese, I was able to stay overnight at a new Benedictine monastery named "Our Lady of the Cenacle." I first met its founder, Fr. Mark Kirby, a few years ago when I was giving a retreat in Connecticutt. The special charism of this new monastery is to go in adoration before the Eucharistic Face of Jesus and to offer thanksgiving, intercession, and reparation for priests. Fr. Kirby is also working with women who are called to be spiritual mothers of priests. I highly recommend Fr. Kirby's blog "Vultus Christi" for its beautiful prayers and images.


  1. Fr. Kubicki, how I wish I could talk to you about this! You know I was trying to get a spiritual motherhood apostolate started here last year, and all of my efforts fell flat. I completely gave up any thought of it. Maybe you could give me a fresh you still have my phone number?

  2. No, Anne, I don't have it, but you can send it to me at my email address: Then we can talk.