Thursday, July 1, 2010


The Board of Directors of the Apostleship of Prayer met in St. Louis on Tuesday. Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis attended his first meeting and showed great interest in getting other Bishops involved so that the Apostleship of Prayer might continue its revival in the U.S.

The Jesuit Mission Band has had two blessed events in Milwaukee and in Iowa City. One of the Jesuit scholastics who has been working on the these events wrote about them at a blog that he and several other Jesuits write called "Whomsoever Desires." Check it out!

Fr. Rigobert Kyungu, S.J. came to visit today. He is the Apostleship of Prayer director for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and he also coordinates the work of all the national directors in Africa. He is on the new international council that met in Rome last February. He came to the U.S. to attend a conference on the liturgy and he stayed some extra days in order to visit a friend in Chicago. We talked about the various activities of the Apostleship of Prayer in our respective countries, especially in terms of reaching out to young people.

Tomorrow I leave for the Jesuit villa in Waupaca, WI where I'll spend about six days on vacation. I wanted to spend a longer time there but a ministry opportunity came up that I couldn't pass by. More on that later....

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