Friday, August 27, 2010

Feast of St. Monica

Last February, when I went to Rome for the first time, I visited the Church of St. Augustine, where the relics of St. Monica are venerated. I prayed there for all the parents whose children are wandering away from the Catholic faith and into self-destructive choices and life-styles.

On this, her feast, I have in mind a group of people whose slogan is "It is not hopeless and we are not helpless." They're called the Marian Mantle Group and they are a prayer and support group for those who have friends and relatives who are wandering the way St. Augustine did. St. Monica's prayers played a key role in his finding the right way and the Marian Mantle Group can be a great support to everyone who grieves over a wandering son, daughter, spouse, other relative, or friend.

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