Monday, August 24, 2009

David Kauffman

For the next week and a half I'll be vacationing in Minnesota and as I drove up here yesterday I listened to some CD's that a Jesuit friend of mine loaned me. They're by a Catholic recording artist named David Kauffman ( He has some wonderful songs both for meditation and for worship. One song from his album "Be Still" especially caught my attention because it's all about making a daily offering of one's life. Here are the lyrics:

I Will Make This Day My Prayer

I will make this day my prayer

I will give you everything that I am and do today
I will give you all my cares, all my joys and sufferings
I will make this day my prayer

And when I work may my work usher in your reign
And as I go may I go with you
And when I speak may my lips sing your praise again
May my words be light and truth

And when I see my friends may they see you in me
And may I see your face in them
And may our conversation lead us to the freedom
That your presence beckons in

And when I ask forgiveness may my heart be true
And may I offer forgiveness too
And when we reconcile may we be one in you
May forgiveness make our hearts new


  1. Beautiful and Soulful. God's gift to my day.

  2. Order full way to start any day. Truly centering.